What to be expected in pregnancy at six month?

pregnancy-6thPregnancy is almost every woman’s desire. The news of child birth are met with joy, tradition and vivid changes. It is said that pregnancy is the only way youth is passed down. The intimate views are endless. The stages of a mother’s pregnancy vary. Some are fun and complex, while for others, it is harder with each trimester. At six months, the baby has about three more months to be birthed. It is a stage of changes for both mother and child.
The mother is psychologically getting prepared for child birth. Usually, a roller coaster of events, feelings, phobia. Both mother and baby are critical. Balance and assurance is the best way to keep these external dangers at bay.
What is pregnancy at six months like?
The baby is 26wks old and weighs about 1.6pounds. The eyes are formed with no pigmentation. The baby is gaining more fat, which includes the brown fat that keep it warm in the womb. The baby’s first stool, meconium is formed. Buds for the permanent teeth begin to form at this time. The baby is a vividly formed miniature being. The lungs are immature, untimed delivery at this stage could risk its death. It is recommended for an expectant mother to receive proper care. In the event of an emergency, quick response should be taken for the wellbeing of both mother and child. For the girl at this stage formation of the ovaries begins. The baby’s skin becomes leaner as it gains more fat, although it still is thin in nature. The mother will begin to feel the kicks at this stage. With time they can be a menace. Singing to the baby soothes it to sleep. Brain formation is also taking place.
Eating and Sleeping PatternsThey change radically. She eats more and the baby is presently active. The mother becomes restless and always tired. Palpable paranoia, this comes with the medication given during clinics. The uterus grows bigger and bigger and a mother will gain about 10-14pounds at this stage. Her sex drive is varied, altered with mood swings. There is a rise in discomfort. The posture changes. Lethargy is mostly felt. Comfortable clothing is recommended, as she becomes heavier each week. She should alternate between rest and exercise. Exercise such as walking, is important for proper dilation to be achieved during birth. The mother will begin to notice the baby’s sleeping habits. With the increased eating habits, there is increased blood supply. A gestational diabetes test is taken. This does not mean a mother is or becomes diabetic. It is a means to test the sugar levels of the mother.


The uterus develops more and more pushing the ribcage. The mother will experience shortness of breaths and chest pain. Walking becomes difficult due to weight gain. The kicks in time become a pain to the stomach, with a great deal of discomfort following.


Mental Note
Varied changes are brought about by pregnancy. This isn’t the best time to define a mother. Cravings, desires and paranoia are normal at this stage. In fact expect weirder as the big day approaches. There are things that will permanently change in a mother after child birth. Like a total distaste to bananas is common. Most changes are fleeting. They just come with a pregnancy. The mother should therefore try and stay calm.

What to be expected in pregnancy at six month?
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