What Happens During Pregnancy 8th Month

pregnancy8Pregnancy 8th month is the time when you struggle to cope with the baby inside your womb and irritating bowel movements. This is the final and most important period of pregnancy. There are a great deal of changes felt and seen in your body. So make sure to understand the basic reason of these changes to avoid stress.
You will find yourself easily annoyed and confused. Breathing helps you relax and quieten your ever raging thoughts and feelings. Accept that pregnancy is in the last stage and you are now about to become a parent. Don’t get confused at the casual comments like “Your will have a healthy baby” “You look so big” “What has happened to you”. Don’t forget that the size of your belly has nothing to do with your baby.
The anxiety during pregnancy 8th month is natural. You will find yourself insecure and nervous. This happens because of the movement of the baby and the hormone shifting happening inside your body. You will also notice urine leakage frequently as you sneeze, cough or lift a heavy object. Don’t feel embarrassed because this is your body’s way of adjusting itself. Perform Kegel exercise.
Fluid retention reaches new proportions from the 8th month making your feet and hands swell. Breathlessness frustrates you like never before. This is because the growth of your baby makes your diaphragm and lungs compress. Dizziness and hot flashes begin to ruffle you and constipation and heartburn will also become a part of your life.
False contraction or Braxton Hicks will be felt as your body prepares itself for the final month of the pregnancy and labor pain. Your breasts begin to prepare for soon to come lactation so Colostrum begins to leak from your breasts. There will also be reduction inside your body by the beginning of the pregnancy 8th month. It smells and looks different from urine.
Don’t be terrified if you find yourself constantly irritated. The final stage is about to begin and you will feel as if you have been pregnant for years and the baby is taking too much time to come.
The baby will gain about 5 to 7 pounds by the beginning of the pregnancy 8th month and his body measures about 55 centimeters long. There is less space move around for your baby inside the womb because of constant growth. The baby would also have settled in head down position by the beginning of the 8th month.
The Vernix Caseosa that covers the baby’s body with skin will increase its pace of working and the soft hairs on the baby’s body will also begin to disappear. The neurons continue to develop inside the brain of the baby as it begins to understands you from inside.
As you will feel very breathless, it is necessary to do breathing exercise. Breathing easy at this stage is not easy but you have to try. As you continue to deal with issues like dropping and rising blood pressure, heartburn and constipation, keeping yourself well hydrated helps you a lot.
Pregnancy is a pleasant experience. There will be a lot of happiness in the months to come. This is the perfect time to relax and enjoy as much as you can.
What Happens During Pregnancy 8th Month
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