A journey that lasts nine months – summary

pregnancy-summaryThis journey is a wonderful journey of nine months going by the layman’s calculations. When the health professionals talk about this journey of pregnancy, they measure it using the parameters of months and days.

To those in the health sector, pregnancy lasts for 40weeks or when talking in terms of days, 266days from the day of conception. In this brief but informative write-up, we are going to look at what happens during pregnancy; month by month; from the first to the ninth month of conception. Enjoy this journey into how the foetus develops in the womb up unto the day of birth.


When chemical signal is sent to your body that pregnancy has occurred, ovulation stops immediately. The baby is called BLASTOCYST in this stage. It measures 0.1-0.2mm at this state. By the fourth week, the CHORIONIC VILLI are formed. The yolk sac help sustain the pregnancy until formation of the placenta.


The baby graduates from Blastocyst to an embryo. This month is a critical month in pregnancy. Heart beat of the baby begins in this month. It is difficult to distinguish the position of the parts of the baby at this stage. The upper and lower limb buds will also appear. The baby measures 8-11mm; heart activity is also present on ultrasound.


The third month is when the baby’s bones begin to harden. The baby begins movement, though the mother cannot yet feel it. The eyes are wide open; Eyelids and external ears are formed. The sex of the baby can be determined through genetic screening.
Baby moves from being an embryo to the fetal period; the tail is lost during this period.


The placenta will take over the production of hormones needed to sustain the pregnancy at this stage of development. The baby makes her own insulin and bile at this stage. The baby can at this stage urinate every 45minutes or so into the amniotic sac. The baby weighs about 85g and 6.3 inches in length.


No new organs are formed by the fifth month. What obtains is development of the organs that has been formed. The movement of the baby is more pronounced at this stage than it had been before now,


By now, eyebrows are being formed, the lanugo darkens in color. The baby is moving now and practicing the art of breathing in preparation for the day of birth. The baby is depositing brown fat which will help regulate body temperature at birth.


The baby at this stage of pregnancy is capable of small movements. The baby can sense light and dark in the uterus. The hearing capacity of the baby is enhanced here; He/she can hear the mother at this stage or those that are close by. The focus begins to shift by this month from pregnancy to child birth.


The baby is getting ready for birth at this stage. The baby’s bone marrow produces red blood cells. The baby urinates about half a liter of urine into the amniotic sac every day. At this stage, it appears you have reached the end, but that is not the end.


The organs of the baby have been formed before now. All that is done by this month is the finishing touches. The due date is a guess work. It can either be two weeks before or two weeks after. The baby is born this month.

That is the journey; exactly as it is.

A journey that lasts nine months – summary
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